Inspection and Certification

With this recent winter storm heavily impacting our nation it is a stark reminder of how we should always be prepared for such a disaster. Not only preparing you and your loved ones but also your vehicle for times of crisis. Here at Finnin Ford we strive to ensure the safety of you and your family through our excellent Ford Service Center. 

Prepare Through Ford Servicing

It is essential that your Ford is ready to drive no matter the conditions, which is why our drivers should consider stopping by our Ford Service Center for any servicing needs you may have. Our team of experts perform a thorough top to bottom inspection letting you know of any issues your vehicle may have, so feel free to schedule an appointment today!

Oil Change

  • In order to keep your Ford vehicle operating in the best possible condition, a Ford Oil Change may be just what you need. Engine trouble in inclement weather could not only cost you a fortune, but could even be quite dangerous if it leaves you stranded. 

Brake Servicing

  • With roads being covered in ice and snow it is necessary for your brakes to be in the best condition possible, and with a Ford Brake Servicing you can have peace of mind knowing your brakes won’t fail you. 

Ford Tires

  • Getting a new pair of Ford snow tires can make all the difference on the road by preventing sliding and keeping you in control at all times. For drivers considering new tires, be sure to check out our service coupons for exclusive deals on not only tires but any service or repair you may need.

Be Prepared for Weather Conditions 

Having your vehicle in pristine condition certainly helps when it comes to icy roads but knowing how to drive in such conditions is invaluable. You should know how to react if your vehicle begins to slide, the distance to keep between cars, when it’s necessary to start braking, how fast you should go, and what gear is best to drive on. 

When you find yourself struggling to find a Ford dealer in the Cedar Rapids and Dyersville areas, you can count on Finnin Ford to have the finest options in new and used Ford vehicles, including used F150’s for sale. So whether you’re looking for a new vehicle or just need routine Ford maintenance, come stop by at 3600 Dodge St in Dubuque, IA, or contact us online with any questions you may have!


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