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Why Buy Used From Finnin Ford?

Buying a used car is easier than ever at Finnin Ford! There are plenty of reasons for our Iowa customers to opt for a quality used vehicle, including the chip issues currently plaguing the new vehicle inventory across the entire automotive industry. There's never been a better time to buy a used vehicle from Finnin Ford, and we've got a great selection of pre-owned vehicles and Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicles available. Stop in to browse our impressive used car inventory and let our friendly and knowledgeable sales personnel help find one that's perfect for you.

The story of your used vehicle search starts here at Finnin Ford! While there are plenty of options out there, buying a Certified Pre-Owned Ford means having the utmost confidence in your purchase. Ford offers one of the most comprehensive used-vehicle benefits packages in the industry, and every Certified Ford vehicle is thoroughly inspected and reconditioned before you buy it. And with their impressive warranty options, buying a Certified Pre-Owned Ford has never made more sense.

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Upgrading Made Easy

When you choose to purchase your next used vehicle from Finnin Ford, you get access to a variety of quality pre-owned vehicle that include numerous makes and models. From luxury sports cars to off-road SUVs, our massive pre-owned inventory has got something for just about everyone. From Chevrolet's to Mazda's to Jeep's and more, our impressive used car selection provides our Iowa customers with a plethora of available options. Come by 3600 Dodge Street in Dubuque to browse our full inventory of high-quality used vehicles in person, and find the one that can satisfy all of your specific needs today!

What to Look For When Buying a Used Car?

In a sales world with questionable tactics, the most important thing to connect with when buying a used vehicle is trust. Luckily, as a trusted Ford dealer, buying a used Ford car or used Ford truck from Finnin Ford means our sales team is helping you look for a used vehicle with low mileage, low price, and in excellent condition. Shop our extensive selection of reliable vehicles and we’ll help make the process easy!

How Much Does A Used Truck Depreciate?

After buying and driving a new truck off the lot, it has likely already lost much of its original value. Luckily, a used Ford car or used Ford truck is beneficial because its value is at a more steady level and will remain the same or only slightly depreciate over time.

Is it Easier to Finance a Used Vehicle?

Along with the attractive sticker prices, used Ford trucks, such as the timeless and powerful used Ford F-150, are also cheaper to finance than their newer models! When you’re buying a used Ford vehicle in Iowa City, Moline, and Davenport, and surrounding areas, the amount you need to borrow is lower, which makes your down-payment a larger percentage of your purchase, which brings your interest rate down.

Are Insurance Rates Lower on Used Vehicles?

Typically, insurance rates decrease around 3.4 percent for every year a vehicle ages. So, you can expect to be able to put more money back in your pocket with lower insurance rates on your used Ford truck or car. In other words, you’d be paying less for a used vehicle, each month, that drives just like a brand new one!